Princess & Superheroes With One 4 The Kids Events


Last month we were invited by One 4 The Kids Events to have lunch with Cinderella and Iron Man at Browns Bar & Brasserie, Glasgow.

I decided to use this invite as an excuse for some one on one time with my eldest. So we hopped on a train to Glasgow Queen Street, took a hop skip and a jump across George Square, and arrived at Browns for midday.


Awaiting us at our table was a little bag with sweet treats for the kids and some colouring sheets and crayons for the kids to colour, and enter in to a competition to win a prize from the special guests!

Next we were served lunch. I had pork belly and Little Squirrel had fish and chips. The staff at Browns were really lovely and welcoming, and the food was served promptly. Little Squirrel’s fish and chips was delicious, however I was a little disappointed with my pork belly as it arrived with noticeably undercooked skin. The meat itself and the trimmings were super delicious, but the skin was nowhere near crispy, and this made the food loving me a little sad!

During lunch Cinderella and Iron Man entered our dining room and made their way around the tables, introducing themselves to all the eager young diners and posed for photos with those who wanted to!


There was also a face painter there, who could transform your little one in to the princess/superhero/animal… of their choosing. Little Squirrel opted for a Princess design, of course!


Once everyone had met Cinderella and Iron Man, and had their chance to get a photo, the kids gathered around for story time, with Cinderella reading her own story. The kids hung on her every word as she recounted the tale of the stepmother and stepsisters and her fairy Godmother and Prince Charming. After story time it was time for musical statues, with prizes being handed out to the best participants. Finally Cinderella and Iron Man decided on the best colouring sheet and awarded a prize to the winner.


It was now time to leave and it was clear that everyone had throughly enjoyed a wonderful couple of hours, judging by the big smiles on the faces of all the kids, and the parents!

One 4 The Kids Events use performers from Wish Upon A Star Entertainment, who I wrote about on my last post, about Little Squirrel’s 5th birthday party. I am a big fan of Wish Upon A Star Entertainment. As a family who love Disney, but can’t stretch to a holiday at one of the Disney Parks, I feel Wish Upon A Star Entertainment, along with One 4 The Kids Events bring a little bit of that Disney magic to Scotland.

One 4 The Kids Events have a huge line up of similar events, ranging from Lunch with Moana to a Jurassic World encounter with an 8 ft T-Rex, to summer craft sessions, on this Summer across Glasgow and Edinburgh. Take a look at their Facebook page for more information and booking. You are guaranteed a magical experience!


Little Squirrel’s 5th Birthday Party with Wish Upon A Star Entertainment Scotland


Regular readers will have noticed Little Squirrel turned 5 last weekend.
As this is her last year at nursery we decided to invite some of her nursery friends to her birthday party, which meant our numbers were too big for our usual house party.

Initially we were going to book a soft play party, but Little Squirrel requested a princess party instead…
So we booked a local church hall as our venue, and then the hunt was on for the entertainment.
I had a few recommendations for local businesses that could provide a princess for a birthday party, but in the end we decided to go with Wish Upon A Star Entertainment, who I was aware of through Instagram, and who were the most reasonable in terms of value for money!


If you saw my last post featuring the birthday cake, you will know already the theme of our party was The Little Mermaid, so we booked for a mermaid princess (Ariel) to come to Little Squirrel’s birthday party as the entertainment.

So last weekend in a church hall in Kirkintilloch, Ariel came to entertain Little Squirrel and 15 of her friends as part of her birthday celebration.
She started by introducing herself to the children, and kicked things off by teaching them how to wave, smile, and march like a princess for their very own princess parade.

Next it was storytime; of course our princess read the story of The Little Mermaid… The kids were hanging off her every word. I was really impressed by how she involved the kids in different parts of the story, and injected some humour in to the story as well. She was engaging, and funny, and magical!
The performers at Wish Upon A Star entertainment are all trained to act, walk, and talk just like the characters they are portraying, and our princess really did just that! All the parents were asking me “is she really American?”.ArielstorytimeCollage.jpg

After the story was over, it was time for musical statues, which once again was executed excellently. The kids had to all pretend to be frozen, like when Anna from the movie Frozen turned in to an ice statue. After musical statues there was some time left for musical bumps, and then it was time for the cake presentation…


Before it was time for Ariel to say Goodbye, we got a chance to have photos taken with her.


Ariel with the Little Squirrels

For £100 we got a 1 hour princess party package. The whole experience far exceeded my expectations, and Jennifer who played the role of our mermaid princess was just amazing! She really transformed each element of the party from a traditional party game in to something unique and captiviting for her audience. I was really impressed with how well she engaged with all of the kids, with how accurately she played her role, and I think we all fell in love with Ariel a little bit!
I was a little concerned that a princess party would be too girly for some of our male guests (and we couldn’t afford to pay to have a superhero character attend as well) but  boys and girls alike were transfixed by Ariel, and it was clear to see how much the kids enjoyed the mermaid party experience.
I really couldn’t recommend Wish Upon A Star Entertainment highly enough. If you are thinking of hosting a princess/superhero party then check out their Facebook page, or email them with your enquiry at


Little Mermaid Birthday Cake


We celebrated Little Squirrel’s 5th birthday last weekend, and the requested cake design was Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

I had already seen a Little Mermaid Cake design on a Facebook page that I knew would be perfect…

I adapted the design slightly from the above tutorial, but used this as a guide to the overall finished look I was going for.
I found this tutorial on Youtube for a more “realistic” Sebastian…

Here’s a close up of my Sebastian and Flounder…


I love how simple and effective the finishing touches on this cake are, from the spirals for seaweed to the conical tubes for coral, not to mention Ariel’s shimmering mermaid tail!


This was a really fun cake to make, and the birthday girl was thrilled with her 5th birthday cake!



Happy 5th Birthday Little Squirrel


Today you turn 5 years old. How much you have learnt this last year…

You will start school in August and I only hope that you enjoy your school days as much as I did.
You are so eager to learn… you constantly amaze us with new facts you have learnt at nursery. At the minute you are intrigued by China, after learning all about Chinese New Year at nursery. When we are out in the car you shout out “Chinese restaurant” when you spot the Chinese symbols on the restaurant signs. Your writing is really coming on, and you love drawing houses, flowers and people .



You and your little sister joined a local ballet class last year, which you have really enjoyed, and have made some lovely new friends there.
You love a dance party at home, especially an Irish dance party in our kitchen…

Maybe we will find some Irish Dancing lessons for you to join this year…

Your love of music continues, especially the Disney compilation we listen to in the car. At the minute one of your Disney favourites is I Wanna Be Like You from The Jungle Book, which you have almost word perfect now! I have been playing you Prokofiev’s Peter & The Wolf lately, which Grandpa used to play for me when I was a little girl, and you seem to love it as much as I did. Both you and your little sister love to skip through the forest with Peter, flutter around like the little bird, and to stomp around to Grandpa’s theme!


Fun with Grandpa

You love your food as much as I do, and you have definitely inherited my taste buds, with your love of blue cheese, and pate, and mint choc chip ice cream! One of your favourite meals at present is Chinese soy and garlic pork with rice.

Ice cream Collage.jpg

Ice cream!

One of my favourite things is to watch you and your little sister play. It is clear how much your little sister looks up to you as she follows your lead in play scenarios, and I love how much she makes you laugh with her funny little ways!



My darling you are growing up to be such a clever, inquisitive, loving big girl, and I am so very proud of you. Love you to the moon and back my fellow pea in a pod!


A Moana Birthday Cake For Littlest Squirrel’s 3rd Birthday


When asked what sort of birthday cake Littlest Squirrel would like for her 3rd birthday, there was no hesitation… Moana. Alongside a Moana costume and a Moana wig on her wishlist for her birthday presents, a Moana cake was the order for the day.

I opted for a simple design, very similar to the Tangled cake I did for her big sister’s 4th birthday last year. I used an icing sheet with an image of Moana from Edible Prints as the centrepiece, and surrounded it with some Tahitian flowers and foliage. I used a petunia cutter and mould to create the larger flowers, and I picked up a seashell icing mould from Lakeland to create the shells which adorned the cake board.


I was really pleased with how the cake turned out, and I was thrilled when a friend asked my Littlest what was her favourite thing about her birthday party, to hear her respond… “my Moana cake”!


For the cake itself, a chocolate cake was requested, so I used a Chocolate Mud Cake recipe, which produced a beautifully rich, chocolatey, moist cake.


This was a cake I really enjoyed decorating. The icing sheets surrounded with your own decorations are a really simple and effective way to make a show stopping celebration cake.


I love to look back on the posts of the cakes I’ve created for my girls birthdays, and my hope is that they love to look back on these when they are older, and have children of their own to bake for.

A Letter To Littlest Squirrel – On Your 3rd Birthday


Happy Birthday my darling little one.

You are the funniest, cheekiest little firework I know. I call you a little firework as you bring so much joy to our lives, yet you have the most explosive temper! This is not to do you a disservice, as most of the time you are the cutest, happiest, laid back, fun-loving little person.


You love your big sister, and the two of you love playing Mums and Dads or Doctors. As much as you love your big sister, you sure know how to wind her up at times, but that is what sisters do, after all!


Over this last year you have moved in to your big girl bed and are growing up so fast!

Ciara's roomCollage

One of the things I love most about you is your sense of humour. You really do make me laugh every single day. Your Dad will tell you I am always telling him how funny (and how cute) you are.


You love music and dance. I love it when we have singalongs with your big sister in the car. It makes me so proud to hear your little voices singing along to the music that we love, and it makes me so happy to know that you are following in my footsteps in your love of music, that was so important in my own childhood, growing up with Grandpa and Nanny Møller. In the last year you have started ballet classes, and you performed in your very first dance Christmas show at the end of last year. You took it all in your stride and made us very proud parents.CiaraDanceCollage.jpg

You love visiting Granny & Grandad in Langbank, and Grandpa in Ireland. You adore Grandpa’s dog Archie, and I think he loves you too as he is very tolerant with all your cuddles and affection!


You favourite film of this year is Matilda, and for a while you insisted “I Tilda, not Ciara”, and you insisted on calling me or your Dad Mrs Trunchbull! Just recently, you love to watch the new BFG movie, or the “real BFG” as you call it. Roald Dahl was a huge part of my childhood, as I loved his books, so it makes me happy to see you sharing this love of this wonderful author.

You still love Moana and we are looking forward to throwing you a Moana party this weekend with our friends and neighbours coming to celebrate with us.


Happy Birthday my darling girl! I love you more than you could imagine!

Lots of love, Mum xxx




Santa’s Cove At Braehead, Glasgow


We were invited along yesterday to the launch of Santa’s Cove at Braehead Shopping Centre, just outside Glasgow.
Santa’s Cove promises to be an ultimate Christmas family experience, so I thought I’d share our visit for those of you considering booking a trip to Santa in and around Glasgow this year…


Entering Santa’s Cove at Braehead

We were greeted by some friendly elves as we entered Santa’s Cove, and were guided to Yuletide Valley where the little ones had to make their way through a very Christmassy ball pit and climb up to the top of the slide and travel down to the other side.


Travelling through Yuletide Valley – spot Littlest Squirrel in the ball pit!

From there, we climbed aboard Santa’s Sleigh Ride, a really fun experience for little kids and big kids alike. We took our seats on  Santa’s sleigh, and through a screen in front of us, we watched the reindeers take us up in to the air, twisting  past the chimney pots en route to our drop off point at the Stable Rooms.


Santa’s Sleigh Ride

At the Stable Room we were able to mix up our very own reindeer food to take away with us and  keep for the reindeers visiting our homes on Christmas Eve. The kids loved getting their hands in to the troughs of reindeer feed and mixing it together with some magical coloured glitter.


Mixing up our own reindeer food at the Stable Rooms

Next we moved along to the Toy Room where the kids got to make their own Christmas decorations to take home and hang on the tree when it goes up.
Once we had finished our decorations we visited the Elves Canteen where Mrs Claus was serving up cups of hot chocolate and marshmallows and mince pies to our thirsty little helpers.


Littlest Squirrel waiting on Mrs Claus serving up some hot chocolate and marshmallows

Our next stop was the Naughty Or Nice Machine, which reads the minds of the kids with a reindeer helmet, and a display shows if they have been naughty or nice. If they are nice they are rewarded with some candy.


Naughty or Nice machine

Finally, it was time to visit Santa himself in his igloo. Each family gets to visit Santa in private, with time to take photos, and there is an elf on hand to take a picture that is printed out for you to take home, along with a naughty or nice certificate for the children.
My girls had brought some pictures that they had coloured in especially for Santa, and were thrilled when he announced he would keep them in his sleigh. The children also got a gift from Santa before it was time to say our Goodbyes.


The very lovely Santa!

We spent an hour and a half at Santa’s Cove. All the “rooms” are within one big heated tent, and the only areas we had to queue for were Santa’s Sleigh Ride and to meet Santa himself.

There were just a few things that could have improved the experience for us…
A cloakroom to store visitors’ coats and bags would be really helpful, so parents aren’t left carrying around all the family’s jackets and belongings.
We thought the gifts from Santa were a decent quality, however a little bit more thought on what is age appropriate would be better.
Finally, we felt the quality and composition of the printed photo could have been improved.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Santa’s Cove, and most importantly the girls had a great experience, with lots of activities to entertain them, and for them to participate in. All of the staff were lovely with the kids, and Santa himself was perfect, and looked very authentic.


Santa’s Cove is running from November 11 2017 to December 24 2017, 9am to 9pm. For more details and for bookings visit

They also have a Facebook page page for more information.

I was offered free passes to Santa’s Cove for the purpose of this review. As always all opinions are honest and my own!