Sugarpaste Carrots

In my previous post I made a Carrot Cake.
Now the majority of Carrot Cakes include nuts in the cake itself, and are often covered in nuts as part of their decoration.

My lovely husband has a nut allergy so the traditional nut-based decor is out for me. So I decided to have a go at making little carrots out of sugarpaste to decorate my cake.
This was really simple, yet really effective. Here’s how I did it…

What you need

Orange sugarpaste
Green sugarpaste

What you need to do

Start by rolling up little balls of orange sugarpaste.

Then roll the little balls in to little cones.

Using the back (blunt edge) of a knife score little lines all down the cone.

Make a little hole at the top of the carrot for your stalk to go in to. I used the end of a paintbrush for this.

Next roll the green sugarpaste in to little balls.

Then roll these in to little cones (smaller than your carrots).

Dab some edible glue or water in to the little hole at the top of the carrot, and then insert the green sugarpaste cone.

Use the scissors to snip in to the top of the green cone to make the branched stalks.

Et Voila! Love them. These would look great on Carrot Cake Cupcakes also!



5 thoughts on “Sugarpaste Carrots

  1. I was just wondering what sugarpaste you used as i am going to make a cake for somebody who has a nut allergy like your husband.

    Thank You


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