Halloween Cupcakes


Hallowe’en is coming soon,
Pumpkins we must buy.
Make a Jack-o’Lantern,
Bake a pumpkin pie.

Hallowe’en is coming soon,
Feel it in the air.
Witches ride on broomsticks,
Ghosts hide ev’rywhere.

Hallowe’en is coming soon,
Goblins chasing you!
As you round the corner,
One of them says, “Boo!”

Written By: Marcella Mendel, Music By: Freda Berla
Adapted By: Terry Kluytmans, Copyright © 1999 KIDiddles.com

OK, so Halloween is just round the corner. I am not the biggest fan of fancy dress, so I decided to make some Halloween-themed cupcakes as this year’s contribution to Halloween.

My inspiration for these cupcakes came from Blue Door Bakery.

I have been following Blue Door Bakery on Twitter for a while now, and am a fan of their Facebook page. They create some really beautiful cupcakes, and I would love to attend one of their decorating classes.
They have a great shop on their Facebook page which is excellent for supplies for all you budding cupcakers!

Here come the cupcakes…

I had some orange sugarpaste left after decorating my Carrot Cake, so these little pumpkins were a great way to use up what I had left.

I followed Blue Door Bakery’s Spooky Sugarpaste Pumpkins tutorial, and then used a black sugar art pen to create the pumpkin face.

I love these little ghosts. So simple, yet really effective!

I used Blue Door Bakery’s Ghoulishly Ghostly Cupcake Tutorial to make these.

Finally I decided to use my alphabet cutters to create my Boo! toppers. Really simple and very effective!

Happy Halloween Hungry Squirrel Cakes readers!


4 thoughts on “Halloween Cupcakes

  1. These are gorgeous! My attempts at Halloween baking were a bit chaotic to say the least as I had three little helpers – my grandchildren! They had lots of fun and the kitchen got very messy!

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