Black Forest Cake Weekly Bake-Off

Here at Hungry Squirrel Cakes, I have had one busy week.
First, I had to contend with the day job, 2 nights out on the trot at the weekend, baking and decorating a dozen cupcakes for a 40th birthday for one of these nights out, and finally baking and posting 3 dozen cookies for The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap (blog post coming soon…).

So, I wasn’t sure if I could fit in this week’s Weekly Bake-Off challenge. However, I couldn’t resist baking this Black Forest Cake. I just love the combination of chocolate and cherries, so managed to fit this bake in to my busy schedule.

The recipe below is adapted slightly from Mary Berry’s 100 Cakes & Bakes.
I have omitted the flaked almonds from the decoration, as Mr Hungry Squirrel has a nut allergy!

If I use this recipe again, I think I would make a few changes.
I would slice the cake into 2 instead of 3. I found the sponge layers a little thin.
I would also reduce the amount of cream, omitting the cream from the sides of the cake. I found the cream in the layers and all round the outside of the cake a bit much.

Check out the other entrants’ submissions to the Weekly Bake-Off Challenge.

The Recipe

Black Forest Cake



  • 4 large eggs
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 75g self-raising flour, sifted
  • 25g cocoa powder, sifted
Filling & Topping

  • 2 x 420g tins black cherries
  • 2 level tbsp cornflour
  • 3-4 tbsp Kirsch
  • 600ml whipping cream, whipped
  • dark chocolate curls to decorate


Preheat the oven to 170°C.
Lightly grease a deep, round 8 inch cake tin and line the base with baking parchment, or a disc of Bake-O-Glide.

Break the eggs into a mixing bowl, add the sugar, and using an electric whisk, beat for approximately 5 minutes, until the mixture is pale and thick enough to leave a trail when the whisk is lifted out of the bowl.

Carefully fold in the flour and cocoa powder.
Pour the mixture into the prepared tin.

Bake for 40-45 minutes. A fine skewer inserted into the centre of the cake should come out clean.

Now to make the filling…

Drain the tins of cherries, reserving the syrup.
Sift the cornflour into a small saucepan and gradually stir in the cherry syrup.
Bring slowly to the boil, stirring all the time, and then simmer for 2 minutes.
Remove from the heat, and allow to cool.
Add the Kirsch and drained cherries to your thickened syrup, and stir to combine.
(I used Chambord Liqueur, as the shop was out of Kirsch, and I had seem Amy from Weekly Bake-Off had substituted Chambord Liqueur for the Kirsch).

Cut the sponge into 3 layers with a long sharp knife.

Sandwich the layers together with ½ of the whipped cream and all of the cherry mixture.
You should have a layer of sponge, then cream, then cherries, sponge, cream, cherries, and finally a layer of sponge  on top.
Spread the remaining whipped cream around the sides of the cake and over the top.
Retain some of the cream, so you can then pipe rosettes of cream around the top edge of the cake.
Decorate the top of the cake with the chocolate curls and fresh cherries.



7 thoughts on “Black Forest Cake Weekly Bake-Off

    • Thankyou, have been trying to do 2 posts a week, but may have to reduce that over the next few weeks. Have really enjoyed blogging, and interacting with other bloggers for hints and tips… Everyone is very friendly and encouraging! xx

  1. This looks amazing! I love black forest, am definitely bookmarking this in my book to try. Very impressive that you managed to fit it into your busy week. I’m sure it was well worth it.

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