Weekly Bake-Off Secret Santa… Thankyou Nelly!

In November the lovely Amy from Weekly Bake-Off announced she was organising a Secret Santa for the Weekly Bake-Off participants.
I signed up straight away, and last week I baked and sent my Secret Santa gift on it’s way to my designated recipient.
Then, I eagerly awaited the arrival of my own Secret Santa gift…

I was anxious that my gift would arrive, as one of my batches of cookies from The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap went missing in the post. I am convinced Mr Postman couldn’t resist the smell of freshly baked cookies through the packaging, and just couldn’t help himself!
It turned out that my missing package of cookies was from the lovely Nelly of Nelly’s Cupcakes. I was gutted to miss out on these wonderful looking cookies, and was also really disappointed for Nelly as I can appreciate how much time and effort went in to making her cookies for the Cookie Swap!

So, when I got in from work on Monday night to find the Sorry We Missed You card from Royal Mail, I had my fingers and toes crossed that this parcel was my Secret Santa gift!
I dragged my husband out of bed a little earlier than usual on Tuesday morning, so we had time to go to the sorting office on our way to work.
Before I unwrapped the parcel, I opened the card attached to the front, and was completely touched that my Secret Santa had gone to the trouble of finding me a squirrel-fronted Christmas card.
Inside the brown wrapping paper I was thrilled to find this box of delights…

Inside were four gingerbread men lollipops, a bag of mini gingerbread men, some sea salt caramel fudge (which I am saving until after Christmas to try), and some chocolate coins (which I have almost finished already!).

I especially love the little dungarees and bow ties on these cheeky looking gingerbread men.

Thankyou Nelly for your hard work in putting together this lovely box of treats.

Happy Christmas everyone!


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