My Week With Paul Bradford – 5 Day Intensive Cake Decorating Course

I definitely have the cake decorating bug!
What started out, last year, as a cupcake obsession has now graduated into a fully fledged love of celebration cake decorating. So far, I have just dipped my toe in to the water of celebration cakes, and feel I still have a lot to learn.
I have found the online tutorials from Paul Bradford’s Sugarcraft School a great way to learn new techniques from home, but had been really keen to book one of the courses at the Sugarcraft School, to learn from the man himself.
So a few months ago, I bit the bullet and booked into the 5 Day Intensive Cake Decorating Course.

Paul Bradford is an incredibly ambitious and talented individual, who couldn’t be any more helpful and approachable. Along with his business partner David Brice they run Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School Ltd.

“Their mission is to ‘Empower people to achieve their cake decorating dreams’ by providing a range of cake decorating courses and online tutorials. This is backed by a wealth of business experience that can help you become a professional cake decorator.”

The course ran last week, and I am thrilled with what I have learnt.
Along with 7 other students, I spent 5 days creating three fabulous celebration cakes, was introduced to sugarcraft flowers and modelling, and to making a business out of cake decorating.

I had already made a little teddy bear for my Father’s Day Cake using Paul’s online tutorial, but this was my first time attempting people…

Room for improvement here, but I know where to start now when attempting human figures.

This little dog is just so cute…

This lion face cake was really enjoyable to make. Great for children’s parties, and I just know my nephew Struan would be thrilled with a cake like this.

This Jimmy Choo shoe cake was a labour of love. Surprisingly the difficult bit was not the shoe,  but the shoebox.
Paul makes it look so easy when he demonstrates this (as with everything he does). Mine definitely has room for improvement, but for first attempt I am happy enough with how this turned out.

Finally, the stunningly decadent Chocolate Wrap Cake. This is a beauty of a cake, perfect for any occasion.
I would dress this simply and elegantly for a wedding, or themed with gold/silver/ruby decorations for a special anniversary…

This cake also looks great adorned with mixed berries…

As well, as learning many new cake decorating skills I also met a bunch of really lovely people. Check out our lovely group and our cake creations…

Finally, a huge Thanks to Paul for all your hard work and patience. What a great week I had.

Paul & Me

If you are in any way interested in learning more about cake decorating, or you wish to recreate some of the above cakes, I would highly recommend you have a look at Paul’s online tutorials, or even better book into one of his courses in his new Glasgow premises!


8 thoughts on “My Week With Paul Bradford – 5 Day Intensive Cake Decorating Course

  1. What a fabulous week and what fabulous cakes!! I have to say it is a complete addiction…I did a course like this and I haven’t really stopped since!! The chocolate cake looks particularly spectacular! 🙂

  2. hi , Ali, never visited a ‘blog’ page before, never mind the cake decorating we done, you need to teach me about setting up a blog page. Not only do your cakes look great on this , but the page itself looks fantastic.I really need to catch up with this modern age!

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