My Favourite Bake… Baby Squirrel!


OK, so regular followers of the blog will have noticed that all has gone quiet on Hungry Squirrel Cakes. There is a very good reason for this…

I am pleased to announce that our beautiful baby girl was born on March 18.
My labour had started when I published my last post, but the little one took her time to enter the world.

She was worth the wait. We were both instantly smitten!

We are now getting to grips with the mayhem of parenthood. Though in all fairness, things have calmed down considerably over the last few weeks, and Baby Squirrel has settled in nicely.
However, it may be some time before I find the time to bake or blog again… watch this space!


7 thoughts on “My Favourite Bake… Baby Squirrel!

  1. She is absolutely beautiful, just remember baking will still be there when the baby days are not!! Enjoy x

  2. What a beautiful little girl! Congratulations, I’m sure she’ll be in the kitchen with you when she is old enough 🙂 x

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