Cupcakes For A Baby Shower


I have finally dusted off my sugarcraft kit after a period of extreme sickness during pregnancy, followed by the birth of our beautiful baby daughter.

One of my childhood friends, Sonia, was having a baby shower this weekend, so I decided this was the perfect opportunity to make some cupcakes.
Sonia has kept the sex of her baby a surprise, so pink and blue were the colours to work with.

I think these Little Bunny Cupcakes are just perfect for a Baby Shower…


I love the curved heart cutters which I used in my Valentine’s Day Cupcakes, and think they look perfect with the Pearly 100s & 1000’s I found in Waitrose.


Waitrose Pearly 100's & 1000's

I love how the 2 designs work so well together, with the little bunnies symbolising the bond between Mother & Child and the little curved hearts representing the love for the precious little baby.


Here they are all boxed up and ready to go…


I thoroughly enjoyed creating these cupcakes, and hope to be baking more and more.

I would also like to wish Sonia & Alan all the best over the next few weeks as they wait for their precious little one to arrive. Being a parent can be tough and tiring; but it is all worth it! Smiles, giggles, and cuddles from Baby Squirrel make Mr Hungry Squirrel and I incredibly happy and proud of this special little person that we created.

Can’t wait to meet your little one Sonia & Alan…

Sonia's Baby Shower

The Glamorous Mum-To-Be


2 thoughts on “Cupcakes For A Baby Shower

  1. Thanks so much! The cakes were delicious and so pretty. I had a really special day. I was very touched that you found the time to create such lovely cakes and blog about my day too. It’s great to be part of your fab blog! X

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