This blog was previously called Hungry Squirrel Cakes, and focused on baking and cake decorating.

However, since the arrival of my baby girl my priorities have changed somewhat. Motherhood fills my day, so I find myself with less time for baking and sugarcrafting, and find myself immersed in nurturing, entertaining and feeding Baby Squirrel.

To reflect the changes in my life, Hungry Squirrels is now a food and family blog.

There will still be plenty of food and baking (covered in the Hungry Squirrel section), however I would also like to share some of my experiences as a first time Mum (covered in the Mummy Squirrel section), and to share some top tips for looking after baby (covered in the Little Squirrel section).

I hope you enjoy the changes to my blog, and I look forward to reading your comments.

Alison xx


4 thoughts on “Changes!

  1. Alison, should have sent this sooner. Changes are good, its nice to see a parent who is in baby bliss! You don’t get this time back so you should take as long as you need. Everything you do has style and attention to detail and you will learn so much from baby too. I teach baby massage and its a real pick me up to spend time with little squirrels, so I wait eagerly for new posts regardless of content!!
    Remember to look at Treasure Baskets for when she can sit up unaided and you can make your own x

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