Little Squirrel Loves… Galt Playnest

Galt Playnest

We received the Playnest as a hand-me-down from a family member when Baby Squirrel was about 5 months old. At this stage, she wasn’t quite sitting up by herself, but was getting bored and frustrated of lying on her back.

The Playnest is a fabric-covered inflatable ring with several multi-sensory features around it to stimulate touch, vision and hearing.

We found it really useful at this “wobbly” stage, just before Baby was sitting up by herself, as it supported her in sitting position, and cushioned her when she fell back. This meant that us parents had some valuable hands-free time.


Now Baby Squirrel is almost 8 months old, she has been sitting unsupported for some time now, and is getting more and more mobile and active. She has developed an increasing desire to reach and stretch for things outside the Playnest. As a result the Playnest will be going into storage soon.
However, this has been a real lifesaver over the last few months, and I would definitely recommend it to any new parents out there.


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