Little Squirrel Loves… Bye Bye Birdie

BBB logo Collage

It started with booties, or Little Snuggers to be precise…

Little Snuggers

I came across these gorgeous hand-knitted booties from Bye Bye Birdie on Instagram, and that was it, I was completely hooked on Bye Bye Birdie.

While on maternity leave in 2010 Carol Caveney dusted off her sewing machine and started making bibs, bags, and clothes for her little ones. She then started making baby gifts for friends, and for their friends… So in 2011 Bye Bye Birdie was open for business.
Carol works from her home in Birmingham, making the most beautifully crafted, lovingly handmade items for little ones.
I need not look any further now for gift ideas when a friend has a new baby. It is so nice to give something unique and handmade, and all products are beautifully packaged with a Bye Bye Birdie tag, snowy white tissue, and a bow!

BBB gift Collage

Beautiful Bye Bye Birdie Gift Bundles

As well, as buying some Bye Bye Birdie products as gifts for friends I have been unable to resist some items for Baby Squirrel…

This little cupcake bodysuit is handprinted on organic cotton, and was irresistible to this cupcake-loving Hungry Squirrel!
My Little Cupcake

How gorgeous is this personalised gingham & rose tee?!

M is for Martha

Check out Carol’s beautiful online shop. It is great, and satisfying to support a small business, especially when the owner is so talented and lovely!


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