Little Squirrel Loves… Bounce & Rhyme

Bounce & Rhyme

Living a five minute walk from Glasgow’s Byres Road, it wasn’t long after I had Baby Squirrel that we started attending Bounce & Rhyme sessions at Hillhead Library.

Bounce & Rhyme is a free half hour session held in the library, and is aimed at children of 3 or under. These sessions are held at various libraries throughout Glasgow, once or twice a week. Each session is run by a local Mum or by a member of the library staff. Attendees sit in a circle and sing nursery and action rhymes, as prompted by the session leader.

Initially, when Baby Squirrel was very small, Bounce & Rhyme was more for me… to give me a reason to get organised to get out of the house in those hectic early days. Eventually it evolved into a place for me to jog my memory to remember all the little nursery rhymes and songs to keep Baby entertained, a place to meet and chat to other Mums, and as Baby Squirrel became more interactive, a place that she loves!

This is one of Baby Squirrel’s favourites…

The session that we attend on a Monday morning is most often held by a local Mum, Florence, who is originally from France. Recently she has started teaching those who wish to stay on some French nursery Rhymes. Here is one of my favourites…

If you are a new Mum or Dad in Glasgow I would definitely recommend getting yourself along to Bounce & Rhyme… great for Baby and great for you. Grandparents welcome too!


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