Little Squirrel Loves… ELC Activity Triangle

ELC activity Triangle

Once Baby Squirrel was sitting up by herself, I found that a lot of the toys that we had from her newborn days were not really stimulating her, and was on the lookout for more interactive toys to stimulate her senses, and develop her hand-eye co-ordination…

I have to be honest I yearned for a Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo for Baby Squirrel. Most of my friends with babies have one. The Jumperoo is jam-packed with interactive play options and can keep Baby entertained and in one place for quite some time.

Fisher Price Jumperoo

This piece of kit, however, takes up a fair bit of space, and living in a Glasgow tenement flat means floor space is limited,… and diminishing since the arrival of Baby Squirrel! Also, the (not so) little one has outgrown the Jumperoo’s weight limit!

So when we were given the ELC Activity Triangle by my brother, whose little ones had outgrown it, we were thrilled to see Baby Squirrel explore it. The Activity Triangle is reasonably priced, compact and easy for little hands to grasp, with bright primary colours, and lots of beads and shapes to push, pull, and manipulate.

ELC Activity Triangle

Baby Squirrel is going to be nine months old next week. Can anyone recommend some good interactive toys for this stage?


2 thoughts on “Little Squirrel Loves… ELC Activity Triangle

  1. Eh, the jumperoo has a weight limit?! If Baby Squirrel is over it then Conor definitely is, and he is still merrily bouncing away in his! He is playing with all sorts of toys as he has inherited loads from his sister. Good (and cheap) things are stacking cups and wooden shape puzzles. I’ll Instagram one so you can see what I mean. You and Baby Squirrel should come over so that she can have a play with all the toys and you can see what she likes!

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