A Taste Of Home


I am ashamed to say I have been a little quiet on the blog here in the month of February, especially as I was voted Blogger Of The Month for February 2014 by Glasgow Blogs readers. I have my reasons though…
I have spent the last 2 weeks at home in Co Down with Baby Squirrel, helping Dad out before and after he underwent a procedure at the hospital (nothing too major, and he is well)!

Grandpa & Martha

Grandpa, Baby Squirrel, & Archie

Those who know me personally will know that I enjoy many a culinary delight during my stays in Northern Ireland. My Mother was a fabulous baker and cook, and while she was alive my Dad’s repertoire in the kitchen was more or less limited to the Sunday Roast and Lamb Pilaff.
During my Mother’s illness, she started encouraging Dad to do more in the kitchen, and since she passed away my Dad has amazed us all with his culinary adventures. Over the last 6-7 years, my Dad has taught himself to bake bread, has baked the most amazing Danish Pastries, always has a cupboard full of homemade jams and chutneys, and never fails to conjure up a tasty meal with store cupboard ingredients. He is very modest and claims he isn’t adventurous in the kitchen, but I can confidently say he is. He is amazing!

Grandpa's Conserves

Grandpa’s Conserves

The week before Dad’s hospital appointment, I took a trip in to Moira on a Thursday morning, and bought some fresh cod from Portavogie Fish. This is a mobile van selling a wide range of fresh fish and shellfish, and visits Moira every Thursday morning.
That evening Dad produced the most amazing plate of fish & chips… better than anything you would sample in the best fish & chip shop!

Fish & Chips

From this to this…

Dad is still the Master of the Roast Dinner with crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside roasties, delicious red cabbage, and the tastiest of gravies you will ever have! This was our amazing Christmas Dinner prepared by Dad this year…

Xmas dinner Collage

Roast Duck – top left
McCartney’s Mushroom, Leek, & Smoked Garlic Tart – bottom left
Chocolate Mocha Mousse – right

I desperately missed this amazing Chocolate Mocha Mousse last year while I was pregnant. Dad has this Delia Smith recipe down to a tee!

Special mention has to be made here to McCartney’s of Moira – Dad’s local Butcher, and supplier of the duck and the award winning vegetarian tart pictured above.
Seriously, this is one amazing foodie haven, and a must-visit for anyone new to the area. The shop has recently been extended and transformed from a Butchery to a Butchery, Deli, and Bistro/Coffee Shop. The customer service is outstanding, quite literally the friendliest shop I have ever experienced. Follow them on Facebook for many a mouthwatering photo of their tasty wares!
While I was at home last week I picked up a couple of slices of McCartney’s Banoffee Pie from the Coffee Shop to take to a friend’s house… Decadent and delicious (loving the high toffee:banana ratio)! Will definitely be back for more of this!


Banoffee Heaven!

Already looking forward to my next trip home to Co Down, as is Baby Squirrel…



Can’t wait for Dad’s LMP (lemon meringue pie), creme caramel, slow cooked ribs, roast chicken, steak and chips, chicen noodle soup… … … 😉

Thanks Dad for being amazing!


6 thoughts on “A Taste Of Home

  1. Hi Ali, I read your latest post referring to your stay here over Christmas and more recently. It was very generous of you to say the things you did about me and Anne. I hope I can continue to maintain your high standards, you don’t do so badly yourself! Dad xxx

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