Brothers & Sisters


Regular readers may have noticed I have been a little quiet on here of late. The last time I neglected my blog like this I was just pregnant with Little Squirrel…

Yes, it’s happening again! Constant nausea, regular vomiting, out of this world tiredness, and many tears… Seriously, pregnancy is not kind to me!
Yet, we are over the moon that our family is expanding and that Little Squirrel will have a little sister or brother to love as she grows up.



I am very lucky to have 2 big brothers who I love dearly. As a little girl, I looked up to them, and followed them everywhere (most likely annoying the hell out of them). As an adult, I am so grateful to have my 2 brothers and their families in my life. I just wish we weren’t all spread out across Ireland, Scotland, and England.

Big Brothers & Me

Big Brothers & Me

My side of the family on our wedding day - though since then I have 4 more beautiful nieces :)

My side of the family on our wedding day – though since then I have 4 more beautiful nieces 🙂

I hope for Little Squirrel and her little brother or sister to love and appreciate each other and enjoy a shared childhood and to have a great friendship in adulthood, supporting each other through good times and bad, like my brothers and me!
I feel very grateful to have my two big brothers in my life… love you both very much!


8 thoughts on “Brothers & Sisters

  1. Just saw this! I’m delighted for you guys and the timing couldn’t be better with your beautiful new house being built as I type! Hang in there with the sickness, hopefully it will pass xx

  2. Congratulations to all three of you, Ali. Such wonderful news. I hope the sickness doesn’t go on too long. so debilitating, and so difficult for us guys to even attempt to empathize with.
    Your wedding pic is lovely, you look stunning! Was it over here?
    N&B&R x

    • Thanks N & B & R. We are thrilled!
      The sickness is not fun, but am hanging in there. Feel like a shadow of myself, (though not in size – lol), but know it is all worth it in the end!
      Yes, wedding was in Larchfield – wish I looked like that everyday! 😉

      • Larchfield?! Wowza… I wonder had you mentioned that before? We had a show around with His Lordship then a good laugh at the price. Nice place though… Great for an all I’m one place day We went to Brook Hall Historical Farm.. Just down the road.. used the cottages, church building and barn! Nx

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