A Day at Foodies Festival Edinburgh 2015

If you have been following my posts lately you will know I was very kindly given some tickets to giveaway to this years Foodies Festival in Edinburgh’s Inverleith Park. I was also given some day tickets to use myself. I have never been to Foodies Festival so was excited to experience it for myself as I had heard lots of good things about it from some of my Edinburgh-based chums.

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My Dad was over visiting us from Northern Ireland last week, and as my love of food comes mostly from my parents I thought he would be the perfect companion to accompany us to this festival of food. We had been doing some decorating at home so decided to take along my two Little Squirrels to give Mr Hungry Squirrel a chance to tidy up at home. Thankfully it was a dry day, so we could really enjoy the outdoor space of Inverleith Park, and take our time browsing the many stalls and their offerings.

On arrival, we tried to book a spot in the Childrens Cookery Theatre, but the early showing was already booked up and the next free spot was a little too late in the day to rely on my 2.5 year old still being in good form! So we decided to just browse the stalls and see what was on offer.
I have to be honest, if I was to go again, I really don’t think I would take my little ones with me. They are just too young, and demanding of my time, that I felt I didn’t get a really good look at the stalls or a chance to speak to the stallholders…

We did however get to sample something that I had never come across before… Beloved Date Nectar were handing out little samples of ice cream with a drizzling of their date nectar. Little Squirrel cannot resist ice cream so this was a perfect start to the festival for us.
Date nectar is extracted from dates using a soaking and squeezing process. For this reason, it is considered healthy, because many of the nutrients are retained, and the resulting sugars are likely to be absorbed slowly into the body. It has a lovely flavour, like a treacly caramel. Both Little Squirrel and I liked it so much that we bought a tube of the nectar and we have been using it on our porridge in the mornings. This is definitely a product I will look in to using more as a natural alternative to syrup and sugar for my Little Squirrels, and in my own baking. This Deliciously Ella recipe for date & pecan loaf sounds delicious!

Left - Little Squirrel enjoying some ice cream drizzled with Beloved Date Nectar Right - Beloved Date Nectar (image courtesy of www.beloveddates.com)

Left – Little Squirrel enjoying some ice cream drizzled with Beloved Date Nectar
Right – Beloved Date Nectar (image courtesy of http://www.beloveddates.com)

Soon enough little tummys and big tummys were ready for some sustenance so we faced the tough decision on what to have for lunch. There was so much on offer in Street Food Avenue that it was tough to decide between barbecued steak, delicious Greek kebabs, Mexican burritos, fish and chips, paella… However once we stumbled across the Crispy Duck Rotisserie our decision was made. Duck would most definitely be my desert island dish, and my Dad is equally fond if it. We shared a Crispy Duck wrap with Hoi Sin Sauce and a portion of duck fat chips. I have to be honest it was pricey at £7 for the wrap and £3 for the chips, but the food was mouthwateringly good. We also tried some fresh lemonade from The Fresh Lemonade Company. Both the lemon & lime, and the pink lemonades were lovely and refreshing, yet again pricey at £3 per cup.

Street Food Foodies Collage

Grandpa Squirrel and Little Squirrel enjoying some crispy duck and fresh lemonade

All in all we had a lovely 3 hours at the festival. There was certainly lots of delicious street food on offer, there were plenty of stalls to peruse and there were some great demonstrations happening. Next year, I think it will be an adult only trip so I can take in a little more of what Foodies Festival has to offer!

Left - Littlest Squirrel soaking up the atmosphere Right - Little Squirrel was fascinated by the giant Pimms teapot

Left – Littlest Squirrel soaking up the atmosphere
Right – Little Squirrel was fascinated by the giant Pimms teapot


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