Dear Mum

Mum & Me

It was nine years ago today that we lost you from this world. In ways it feels like only yesterday when I could still pick up the phone for a chat with you, yet so much has happened since then.

I only hope that you can see how happy I am with Mr Hungry Squirrel and our two Little Squirrels in our beautiful home. I wish they could all know you.

I wish you could see how amazing Dad has coped since we lost you. I am so grateful to have him, and although I don’t get the chance to visit home in NI as often as I used to, I am thrilled that Dad is coming to visit us at our new home in Lenzie more regularly.

I miss you as much today as I did nine years ago, yet as time goes on, I realise that you are still with us. More and more I see you in me. Particularly since having the girls. I catch little glimpses of myself in the mirror and I see you. I am talking to my friends and to the girls and I hear you. I am cooking dinner, and keeping a tidy house, while looking after two little ones and I feel what you must have felt as a new Mum.

I would give anything to chat to you on the phone, or to hug you when I return home to NI, and I feel terribly sad and jealous at times when I see my friends with their Mums. Yet, I take huge comfort from the fact that I look like you, I act like you, and I am like you. I love you Mum!



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