Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016


Happy New Year folks!
2015 was good to us… We feel so blessed to have our two Little Squirrels in our lives. We are very lucky and incredibly grateful.
For me 2015, has been all about Littlest Squirrel entering our lives, adapting to life as a Mum of two, and watching both Little Squirrels grow, develop, and bring happiness and contentment to myself and Mr Hungry Squirrel.


Some of our favourite photos from 2015

Becoming a Mother for the second time has been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience. I have enjoyed every minute, feeling much more confident, relaxed, and less anxious as a Mother than I was first time round. I have savoured every moment with Littlest Squirrel and am continuously amazed by how much love we are capable of!
These two girls amaze me every day, and I can’t wait to watch them, and their relationship, change and grow over 2016.
We love you both so much Little Squirrels!

NY Day 2016 Collage.jpg

New Year’s Day 2016 at Hogganfield Loch

Every New Year’s Day Mr Hungry Squirrel and I (weather-permitting) try to get outdoors and go for a walk. I love a fresh, crisp, brisk walk outdoors to start the year off, and blow away any cobwebs from New Year’s Eve (or from early starts with the Little Squirrels). This year we stayed fairly local and took the girls to Hogganfield Loch in Stepps. It was certainly cold and fresh, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Little Squirrel loved feeding the swans and the pirate ship at the playpark. Littlest Squirrel loved her first adventure in our Little Life Child Carrier.

Little Squirrels NY Day Collage.jpg

Fun with Little Squirrels at Hogganfield Loch

During our walk we decided on our New Year’s Resolution for 2016… to take more pictures of us as a family of four. Looking back over our pictures from 2015, we only have one photo of the four of us together, and it’s not even a particularly good one. So, we have set ourselves a challenge to capture at least one family photo every month this year. Here’s our first shot of 2016…

Family NY Day.jpg

Our first family photo of 2016

Wishing you all much love, laughter, health, and happiness in 2016!



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