Juice Garden – New Menu Preview


Born out of passion and frustration, The Juice Garden was created to serve as an alternative to the conventional fast food outlets in our cities.
Our aim is to be the place to turn to in our cities when seeking a healthy alternative, we vow to make being healthy cool again.
#healthyisthenewsexy – http://www.juicegarden.org

With every New Year comes promises of a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. Sticking to healthier meal options is easy (will-power allowing) to do at home, but it can be tricky to find the healthier option when eating out.

Just before Christmas I attended an evening at Glasgow’s Juice Garden to preview dishes from their (soon to be launched) new food menu. Chef Sarah explained that the dishes from the new menu that we were to taste were all classed as raw food (organic, unprocessed, and uncooked food). I had no experience of raw food dining previously so was excited to see what was on offer.

JG Juice Collage.jpg

Enjoying a delicious cold pressed juice from Juice Garden’s extensive juice menu

To start our evening off we were treated to breakfast!

JG Brekkie Collage.jpg

Left – raw banana crepe filled with berries and banana served with raw raisin bread and coconut yogurt and strawberry sauce
Right – Quinoa and chia seed porridge

I was instantly impressed by the depth of flavours and variety of textures that Sarah has achieved with these raw food dishes. The raisin bread was beautiful, and I suspect my Little Squirrels would devour this. The quinoa porridge was smooth and comforting, reminiscent of a rice pudding, and warming with a touch of cinnamon and deliciously moist raisins.

Next, on to mains…

JG Mains Collage.jpg

Left – activated teriyaki almonds, raw pumpkin & carrot falafel served with a spiced cashew dipping sauce
Middle -raw pizza
Right – raw lasagne

The highlight from the mains selection was undoubtedly the raw lasagne… courgette with a creamy, garlicky pesto and a smooth sundried tomato sauce. The raw pizza was incredibly tasty. The ‘roast’ vegetables are actually dehydrated, and the effect was just  like roast vegetables, with a beautiful intense flavour. The little pumpkin & carrot falafel were fluffy and light, and I loved the spiced cashew dipping sauce which was like a creamy Thai-style sauce.

I was feeling quite full after such a large selection of dishes to try, but I managed to find a little room for these amazing raw desserts that Sarah and her team prepare…

JG Treats Collage.jpg

Left – a selection of chocolate orange and chocolate mint slices, ‘Mars’ bars, and ‘Bounty’ bars
Right – close up of the ‘Mars’ bar

The Mars bar was delicious… I loved the ‘caramel’ and was amazed that this was made from dates. The chocolate orange and chocolate mint slices were beautiful. I love these flavour combinations, and these tasted just like Matchmakers!

I was blown away by the flavours that Sarah brings out in her dishes. Vegetarian and vegan food, never mind raw food, has an undeserved reputation of being bland and boring. Sarah’s dishes blow that myth out of the water. I had no prior experience of raw food dining, but I was really impressed with what can be achieved with the skill and creativity that Sarah and her team possess. So, if like me, you are looking for the healthier option when dining out, without compromising on flavour, this New Year then drop in to Juice Garden (locations in Renfield Street and Byres Road), and let me know what you think!




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