Little Darlings Afternoon Tea at Blythswood Square

Little Darlings Afternoon Tea.jpg

Last weekend I was invited (as a complimentary guest) along to try out the Little Darlings Afternoon Tea with Little Squirrel at my favourite luxury venue in Glasgow, Blythswood Square.

So I hopped on the train with Little Squirrel in to Glasgow, met Granny Squirrel in town, and made our way up to the beautiful Blythswood Square Hotel & Spa.
There is something really special about Blythswood Square… Every time I walk up those steps and through the entrance into the stunning reception area I instantly feel relaxed. Little Squirrel at the ripe old age of 3 seemed to love it as much as I do – taking in the lights, the space and the grandeur of it all!

Blythswood Square.jpg

Little Squirrel taking it all in at the entrance to Blythswood Square

For Afternoon Tea we were seated in The Salon on the first floor of the building. The Salon is a beautiful, airy space overlooking Blythswood Square Gardens. I love the decor in here… modern and traditional mix together well, with beautiful Scottish tweed in grey and purple shades, reminiscent of Scottish heather.
We were given the menus to look over, and were asked to inform the staff of any allergies or special dietary requirements… For Little Squirrel we chose some plain ham and plain cheese sandwiches, knowing they wouldn’t get a look in when she saw the sweet treats on offer!

Menu Collage.jpg

Next, we were asked to choose some tea from their selection of Brodies loose leaf teas. Both Granny Squirrel and I chose the Jasmine Green loose leaf tea. The tea arrived soon after, and we both really enjoyed our choice. The Jasmine Green tea was very delicate on the tongue, and definitely one I would order again.

When our cake stands adorned with sweet and savoury treats arrived, we were all eager to dive in.

Squirrel Afternoon Tea.jpg

Three generations enjoying afternoon tea at Blythswood Square

The cake stands were stunning, with the sweet treats stealing the show on the top tier.

Afternoon tea Collage.jpg

Left – the savoury treats on the bottom tier
Middle – fluffy scones with jam and clotted cream on the middle tier
Right – sweet treats taking pride of place on the top tier

The Little Darlings Afternoon tea is aimed at our little darlings aged under 12 years old. The cake stand is just as stunning as the regular afternoon tea, but has slightly plainer options to suit younger tastebuds.

Little Darlings Afternoon Tea Collage.jpg

The chocolate brownie was Little Squirrel’s favourite… mine too!

All  the staff who served us were lovely, and one of the girls realised that there was no drink with Little Squirrel’s afternoon tea and made her up a special fruity mocktail.


A fruity mocktail adorned with glistening glacé cherries!

At £28 per person, and £12.95 for the Little Darlings Afternoon Tea, afternoon tea at Blythswood Square is not for every day. However, as a treat for a celebration or special occasion Blythswood Square is a perfect, and very special venue. I love the opulent surroundings, the staff were all friendly and helpful, and the food was all delicious with excellent presentation.
We did have a wait of around 40 minutes from arrival to being presented with our food. I would happily sit there all day , but I felt this was a long time to wait for my little 3 year old. She coped well, Thanks to the supply of sticker books and colouring books that I had brought with me in case of emergencies!

For me it was lovely to share this very special afternoon tea with my Mother-In-Law and with Little Squirrel – a girls day out for three generations of the family who left feeling spoiled, satisfied, and relaxed.

Little Squirrel loved it too and I know that she will only love the Little Darlings Afternoon Tea more and more as she grows older too!

Mummy Squirrel & Little Squirrel.jpg



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