Signature Facials At 33 Dowanhill


I was thrilled to recently receive an invite from Joanna Laxton of newly opened 33 Dowanhill to attend for a complimentary Signature Facial.
With no brand association, Joanna is free to choose the best products available on the market, allowing her to create a bespoke Signature Facial for you.

Beauty Box.jpg

Joanna’s product range include Merumaya, Pixi, Oskia, Ermana, Isla Apothecary to name a few

This approach to products allows for my Signature Facials to be personalised and treat specific skin issues and client concerns using products that will work for them – rather than what is available within one product range – Joanna Laxton of 33 Dowanhill

33 Dowanhill.jpg

Images courtesy of Andy Bell Images

The minute I walked through the doors of 33 Dowanhill I instantly felt relaxed. Joanna has used a palette of warm and calming neutrals with elegant finishing touches to create a peaceful haven in Glasgow’s busy West End. Joanna herself is a real pleasure to meet, and of course her skin is glowing.

Joanna Laxton

Joanna Laxton, founder of 33 Dowanhill
Image courtesy of Andy Bell Images

We had a discussion about my skin, my main areas of concern, and what products she might use…
As the facials are designed entirely for each individual there is an option for all products used to be natural – this is particularly useful for those who are trying to avoid all chemicals, for example, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, for those with particularly sensitive skin, or for those with particular health reasons.

Treatment Room 33 Dowanhill

The treatment room at 33 Dowanhill with the cosiest of beds!

The facial itself was pure bliss, just over one hour of facial massage, pressure point work, lymphatic drainage and head massage. I didn’t want it to end but was looking forward to seeing what the results would be, as I have recently been finding my skin very dehydrated, and have noticed my fine lines around my eyes have been much more visible.
Immediately after the facial my skin felt amazing, but was a little flushed following the massage. It was the next morning that I really noticed the improvement in the appearance of my skin. My skin was visibly more hydrated and smoother, and I definitely noticed an improvement around my eye area.

Facial results.jpg

Left – just out of the shower the morning after my Signature Facial
Right – a light application of make up the morning after my Signature Facial

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Joanna’s Signature Facials. Even 1-2 weeks after my facial, I am still noticing an improvement in my skin compared to before my visit to 33 Dowanhill. I don’t think I have ever noticed such lasting results following a facial before, and I agree that you definitely can’t beat the confidence that comes with good skin.

If you want to keep up to date with 33 Dowanhill follow them on Facebook and on Instagram.


Taken from 33 Dowanhill’s Instagram account.





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