Thaikhun – New Kids Menu For Little Adventurers


The Little Squirrels and I were recently invited to try out the new children’s menu at our local branch of Thaikhun in Silverburn, Glasgow.

THAIKHUN is an exciting new casual dining experience from the owners of Chaophraya Thai Restaurant group, with 8 branches nationwide in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Nottingham, Guildford, Cambridge and Oxford.

This was our first visit to Thaikhun, and as big fans of SE Asian cuisine we were excited to try it out.
I really like the interior design of Thaikhun in Silverburn. It is filled with Thai treasures and memorabilia, with lots for little eyes to feast their eyes on. There is ample seating and the seating is well laid out, with plenty of booths, which is great for families so you don’t feel like your kids are disturbing other diners too much.


Thaikhun Siverburn

I am a big believer in exposing my kids to as many different cuisines as possible, as growing up my parents brought me and my brothers to a wide range of restaurants regularly, which I feel has really cultivated my love for food and for eating out, and my love of different cuisines.
The new children’s menu at Thaikhun is all about enticing children to become more adventurous with their food.


Kids menu for your little adventurers

For £5.95 your little adventurers get some vegetable sticks to start, a main course, a drink, and an ice lolly for dessert. Also there are some free creepy crawlies for the bravest of your little ones to try out (great for Bear Grylls fans)!

I was really impressed with the kids menu… rice and noodles always go down well with the Little Squirrels. The food itself was really tasty and nicely presented for the little ones on a brightly coloured tray. I had ordered Fried Chicken with Jasmine Rice and Noodles with Pork and a No Nuts Satay Sauce for the kids. Littlest Squirrel got stuck in to the chicken and rice, but the sauce on both kids meals was a little on the spicy side for my kids palettes. I did expect the sauces on the kids meals to be a little milder to suit younger palettes.
The ice lolly for dessert went down well with my little ones, but I would like to see something a little more fresh, colourful, and exciting than a shop bought ice lolly for the kids dessert, such as a fruit platter with a scoop of ice cream on the side.


Left & Right – Littlest Squirrel enjoying her chicken and rice
Middle – Noodles with Pork & No Nuts Satay Sauce

As for the addition of the creepy crawlies, Littlest Squirrel was intrigued and did try a mealworm but didn’t go back for more. At 17 months, she has not yet learned the Yuck factor associated with creepy crawlies so was game to try them. My three year old was not so keen (neither was I)!


Left – creepy crawlies with every kids meal
Right – the Little Squirrels intrigued by the edible bugs

From the full menu there was plenty of delicious-sounding dishes to choose from. I had vegetable spring rolls, and beef with chilli and Thai basil. I was really impressed with the flavours in both dishes. The Spring rolls were fresh and crunchy and the beef with chilli and Thai basil was beautifully fragrant and spicy.


Left – vegetable spring rolls
Right – Nua Prad Kra Prao, beef with chilli and Thai basil

Overall, I was really impressed with Thaikhun Silverburn. It is definitely a welcome addition to the food outlets in Silverburn, and I will definitely pay another visit. The staff were all friendly and helpful, the interiors were fun and comfortable, and as for the new kids menu – it is fun, tasty, and great value.


Thanks for having us Thaikhun Silverburn!


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