Happy 5th Birthday Little Squirrel


Today you turn 5 years old. How much you have learnt this last year…

You will start school in August and I only hope that you enjoy your school days as much as I did.
You are so eager to learn… you constantly amaze us with new facts you have learnt at nursery. At the minute you are intrigued by China, after learning all about Chinese New Year at nursery. When we are out in the car you shout out “Chinese restaurant” when you spot the Chinese symbols on the restaurant signs. Your writing is really coming on, and you love drawing houses, flowers and people .



You and your little sister joined a local ballet class last year, which you have really enjoyed, and have made some lovely new friends there.
You love a dance party at home, especially an Irish dance party in our kitchen…

Maybe we will find some Irish Dancing lessons for you to join this year…

Your love of music continues, especially the Disney compilation we listen to in the car. At the minute one of your Disney favourites is I Wanna Be Like You from The Jungle Book, which you have almost word perfect now! I have been playing you Prokofiev’s Peter & The Wolf lately, which Grandpa used to play for me when I was a little girl, and you seem to love it as much as I did. Both you and your little sister love to skip through the forest with Peter, flutter around like the little bird, and to stomp around to Grandpa’s theme!


Fun with Grandpa

You love your food as much as I do, and you have definitely inherited my taste buds, with your love of blue cheese, and pate, and mint choc chip ice cream! One of your favourite meals at present is Chinese soy and garlic pork with rice.

Ice cream Collage.jpg

Ice cream!

One of my favourite things is to watch you and your little sister play. It is clear how much your little sister looks up to you as she follows your lead in play scenarios, and I love how much she makes you laugh with her funny little ways!



My darling you are growing up to be such a clever, inquisitive, loving big girl, and I am so very proud of you. Love you to the moon and back my fellow pea in a pod!



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