Little Squirrels

Our Girls CollageIn March 2013 Mr Squirrel and I had our first child. What an exciting experience… from planning for Baby’s arrival, to holding her in our arms for the first time, through to watching her grow bigger every day!

In February 2015 we welcomed Littlest Squirrel in to our lives, and became a family of four. We feel incredibly lucky to have two beautiful girls to share our lives with.

I thought I would share some of our experiences with you here.
This section will cover items we love, places we’ve been, things we’ve learned, and everything in between…

  • A Letter To Little Squirrel – On Your 4th Birthday - 4 years has gone by in a blink of an eye. It seems like no time since we welcomed you into our world and brought you home to our little West End flat. A lot has happened in that 4 years… we moved from Glasgow to Lenzie, you have become a big sister, and you […]
  • A Letter To Littlest Squirrel – On Your 2nd Birthday - Today you turn two years old! It really seems like no time since all this was happening… The change in you over this last year is hard to believe. You have grown into a little person with a large personality! You make us laugh every day. Your smile is infectious. You are mostly a happy little squirrel, […]
  • Masha & The Bear – Holiday On Ice DVD Giveaway - The Little Squirrels love Masha & The Bear so I was thrilled to receive a copy of their latest DVD collection, Holiday On Ice, to review, and a copy to giveaway. We first became aware of Masha & The Bear on Netflix, and both girls instantly fell in love with Masha, a cheeky little three year […]
  • A Woodland Themed 1st Birthday Cake For Littlest Squirrel - When planning a celebration cake I often turn to Pinterest for inspiration. For the Littlest’s 1st birthday cake I knew I wanted to stick with the squirrel/woodland theme that I followed for her big sister’s 1st birthday cake, but wanted something new and different. It was through Pinterest that I came across these two cake designs, […]
  • A Letter To Littlest Squirrel On Her 1st Birthday - Dear Littlest Squirrel It is hard to believe it has been one year since you arrived in to our world! Like your big sister, you have brought so much sunshine in to our lives.You are my little tiny one, yet you are strong. You are sweet and loving, yet fierce and determined. You give the […]
  • Littlest Squirrel - I have been quiet on the blog lately. We have been busy caring for the newest member of our family and adjusting to life as a family of four. In February Littlest Squirrel entered our world… another little girl! We are now almost 23 weeks in, and we couldn’t be happier. It is hard to imagine […]
  • Little Squirrel’s Guide To Perthshire - Give me lakes lochs and mountains over a beachscape any day! Don’t get me wrong… I love a beautiful beach, however I have always been drawn to big trees, the lush greenery, and woodland trails that go hand in hand with a trip to the mountains. Perthshire is known as Big Tree Country, and is the […]
  • Little Yums From Plum Baby- A Review -  A few weeks ago the lovely people at Plum Baby sent me a couple of packets of their Little Yums for Little Squirrel to try. Little Yums are teething wafers made of buckwheat, fruit, and veg, and are organic with no added nasties (sugar, salt, flavours, colours, preservatives). They are suitable from 6 months onwards, and […]
  • Little Squirrel’s 1st Birthday Celebrations - So first things first, what sort of cake to make for Little Squirrel turning 1?! It has been around 18 months since I last created a celebration cake, but this was the perfect excuse to dust off those sugarcraft skills. I found this beautiful woodland-themed cake by Cake Avenue, Sydney, Australia while searching cakes on […]
  • A Letter To Little Squirrel On Her 1st Birthday - Dear Little Squirrel It is hard to believe that a whole year has passed since you entered our lives. We are so incredibly proud of you, and are thrilled with how happy our beautiful little girl is. You have learned so much in the space of 12 months, as have we! We are constantly amazed at what you […]

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