Baby Bootie Cupcakes

Baby Bootie Cupcakes For An NCT Meet

It is hard to believe it is nearly 6 months since Baby Squirrel entered our lives!


While I was pregnant Mr Squirrel and I attended the NCT antenatal classes in Glasgow’s West End. We couldn’t make our NHS antenatal classes, so on the recommendation of a friend, we booked on to the NCT antenatal course. These classes were of great use to us as first-time parents-to-be, with a wide range of information covered.

The best thing to come out of our NCT course however, was the friendships we have made with the 7 other couples who attended with us.
Small groups of us meet up regularly, however yesterday was the first time when all of the couples and all the babies could make it (sadly the Turpin family couldn’t make it at the last minute due to family commitments – you were missed!).


Bonnie Babies!

Rachna & Ash kindly offered for us to meet at their beautiful home.
I decided to bring some cupcakes to Thank Rachna & Ash for hosting us, and also as a celebration of the beautiful healthy babies we have all brought in to the world!

I often use Pinterest as inspiration for baking and cake decorating. It was here that I stumbled across this tutorial for the little baby booties cupcake toppers.


I love how these turned out – so cute, and so simple to make.

I think these are really effective on the cupcakes, and are just perfect for a Baby Shower or as a New Baby gift.

Baby Booties Pink & Blue

The finishing touch was to box the cupcakes up, complete with Hungry Squirrel sticker.

Baby Booties Cupcakes BoxedLooking forward to our next NCT get-together already!


Cupcakes For A Baby Shower


I have finally dusted off my sugarcraft kit after a period of extreme sickness during pregnancy, followed by the birth of our beautiful baby daughter.

One of my childhood friends, Sonia, was having a baby shower this weekend, so I decided this was the perfect opportunity to make some cupcakes.
Sonia has kept the sex of her baby a surprise, so pink and blue were the colours to work with.

I think these Little Bunny Cupcakes are just perfect for a Baby Shower…


I love the curved heart cutters which I used in my Valentine’s Day Cupcakes, and think they look perfect with the Pearly 100s & 1000’s I found in Waitrose.


Waitrose Pearly 100's & 1000's

I love how the 2 designs work so well together, with the little bunnies symbolising the bond between Mother & Child and the little curved hearts representing the love for the precious little baby.


Here they are all boxed up and ready to go…


I thoroughly enjoyed creating these cupcakes, and hope to be baking more and more.

I would also like to wish Sonia & Alan all the best over the next few weeks as they wait for their precious little one to arrive. Being a parent can be tough and tiring; but it is all worth it! Smiles, giggles, and cuddles from Baby Squirrel make Mr Hungry Squirrel and I incredibly happy and proud of this special little person that we created.

Can’t wait to meet your little one Sonia & Alan…

Sonia's Baby Shower

The Glamorous Mum-To-Be

Baby Shower Cupcakes

One of my husband’s colleagues is finishing work soon to have her first baby, so I decided to make her some cupcakes to celebrate!

Recently I found these cute little bunny rabbit and teddy bear cutters online. I have been itching for an opportunity to use them, so thought Baby Shower Cupcakes was the perfect reason to try them out.

I think they look really cute, and love the little white tails on the bunny rabbits!

Recently Paul Bradford’s Sugarcraft School has launched a new website with online cake decorating tutorials which will be available to subscribers. Until the end of October, a selection of online tutorials are free to watch.

I decided to try out the Baby Face Cupcakes.

I really enjoyed making these little baby faces, and was thrilled with the end result.

I look forward to trying out more of Paul Bradford’s designs, and hope to book in to one of his courses soon!