The Gift Of Giving – Perfect Presents


Well, I have been a bit lazy with blogging of late. If I am honest, I have been enjoying the break, with a few weeks at home in Northern Ireland with my Dad and family, and then some time with my in-laws over the New Year. Not to mention catching up on Breaking Bad Season 5!!!!
So for my first post of 2014, I thought I would do a little recap on some of the fantastic finds I came across while Christmas shopping…


Shopping for Christmas presents this year was mostly done by internet shopping. I really didn’t fancy trolling round the bustling Glasgow City Centre with a 9 month old, and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have been too keen either!

I have to be honest, I love internet shopping… done from the comfort of your home, delivered to your door, and the greatest variety of goodies to choose from.
One of my go to sites for gifts is There is a huge range of unique, personal, and beautiful products to choose from – a gift for everyone!

I came across this Why My Daddy Is Brilliant Book from Lou Brown Designs on… the perfect gift from Baby Squirrel to Mr Hungry Squirrel on her first Christmas!

Why My Daddy Is Brilliant1

When ordering the book, you provide little snippets about the recipient, so that it can be personalised. There are also spaces for kids to draw in.
As Baby Squirrel is a little young to produce her own artwork, I inserted some photos.

Why My Daddy Is Brilliant

Mr Hungry Squirrel was over the moon with this gift, and declared it as his “best present ever”…
Good work Baby Squirrel! 😉

Another great find was Harland & Wolff Apparel. I actually came across this site through the Facebook page of Belfast-based artist and photographer, Aly McLoughlin-Harte.
Aly created this special edition print for Harland & Wolff Apparel…

A timeless Cityscape from the year 2013 that could just as easily have been captured in the 1970’s or 80’s when the workforce of H&W were proud to live in Belfast and work in Belfast, proud to be part of the greatest shipyard in the World.

I bought this beautiful print for my Dad’s Christmas present. I think this print is special for a number of reasons… Firstly my Grandfather worked in Harland & Wolff for most of his working life and met my Grandmother there. Secondly my Mother grew up in these streets featured in the print. I know that this print will have special meaning to my Dad.

After ordering this print from the Harland & Wolff Apparel site, I browsed through the rest of their site and found the perfect present for my brother…

The finest engineering workmanship has been cultivated over generations under the two great yellow-painted gantry cranes of Samson and Goliath. This is the only tee that brings both birth dates of the cranes and both S&G initials. Our most popular T !

My brother is an architect, now living in London,. Not only did he love the T-shirt for the design and meaning, but also as a reminder of home.

Well, those are my favourite finds for Christmas 2013. Maybe this post will give you some gift inspiration for special occasions in the year ahead!