Our Favourite Bedtime Stories


As today is World Book Day I decided to write a little post about some of our favourite books for Little Squirrel.

Bedtime stories are a great way to develop and encourage your little ones’ love of books.
I loved my books when I was a child, Thanks to my parents reading to me before bed, and hope that Little Squirrel experiences this enjoyment for books as she grows.

Little Squirrel is a girl who likes a routine, so stories before bedtime is a lovely ritual to calm her and prepare her for sleepy time. I love spending this quiet time with her , and love how she becomes more and more interactive as she grows, pointing at her favourite pictures and giggling at the funny bits. 

The first book that I introduced into our bedtime routine was Yawn (pictured above). I love the yawn-inducing illustrations by Nick Sharratt and the text has a lovely sleep-inducing rhythm. I always find myself stifling a yawn while reading this to her!

Lullaby Moon by Rosie Reeve is another favourite bedtime story. Mr Hungry Squirrel bought this book for the little one, as the stories and pictures reminded him of Baby Squirrel and me! I love this story about a lovely day with Mummy and Baby Mouse, and the illustrations are beautifully sweet and soft.

My favourite page from this book on the right!

My favourite page from this book on the right!

I bought I Love You, Little Bear by Claire Freedman because it reminded me of Lullaby Moon, and I love bears. Another sweet story about Mother & Baby’s day together with charming illustrations.

Little Squirrel always giggles when I tickle her nose at this page :)

Little Squirrel always giggles when I tickle her nose at this page 🙂

I hope that some of you new Mums & Dads out there take inspiration from our favourites, and we would love to hear some of your favourites too. Please comment below…

NB – as well as being World Book Day, today is also Mr Hungry Squirrel’s birthday. So on behalf of Little Squirrel and I… Happy Birthday to the best Daddy and husband these two girls could ask for! xxx

Daddy & Daughter

Daddy & Daughter