Little Squirrel Loves… ELC Activity Triangle

ELC activity Triangle

Once Baby Squirrel was sitting up by herself, I found that a lot of the toys that we had from her newborn days were not really stimulating her, and was on the lookout for more interactive toys to stimulate her senses, and develop her hand-eye co-ordination…

I have to be honest I yearned for a Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo for Baby Squirrel. Most of my friends with babies have one. The Jumperoo is jam-packed with interactive play options and can keep Baby entertained and in one place for quite some time.

Fisher Price Jumperoo

This piece of kit, however, takes up a fair bit of space, and living in a Glasgow tenement flat means floor space is limited,… and diminishing since the arrival of Baby Squirrel! Also, the (not so) little one has outgrown the Jumperoo’s weight limit!

So when we were given the ELC Activity Triangle by my brother, whose little ones had outgrown it, we were thrilled to see Baby Squirrel explore it. The Activity Triangle is reasonably priced, compact and easy for little hands to grasp, with bright primary colours, and lots of beads and shapes to push, pull, and manipulate.

ELC Activity Triangle

Baby Squirrel is going to be nine months old next week. Can anyone recommend some good interactive toys for this stage?


Little Squirrel Loves… Sophie La Girafe

Sophie La Girafe

This little giraffe was born on 25th May 1961…Saint Sophie’s day. According to Wikipedia in France 9 out of 10 newborns are given a Sophie La Girafe, and we can’t be far off it in the UK as almost every baby I know has a Sophie!

Sophie is the perfect shape for little hands to grasp, and is made from natural rubber which is just perfect for little mouths to gnaw at, making it a great soother for the hell that is teething! It is light to hold and has a little squeaker which always brings a smile to Baby Squirrel’s face.

Little Squirrel Loves Sophie

Who would have thought a little rubber giraffe could be so great?!
We actually received two Sophies as gifts when Baby Squirrel was born. Naively we exchanged one as we thought, who needs two? Turns out we were wrong… Sophie The First went missing recently (I suspect she jumped out of the pram on Byres Road). Sophie The Second was swiftly purchased!

Little Squirrel Loves… Galt Playnest

Galt Playnest

We received the Playnest as a hand-me-down from a family member when Baby Squirrel was about 5 months old. At this stage, she wasn’t quite sitting up by herself, but was getting bored and frustrated of lying on her back.

The Playnest is a fabric-covered inflatable ring with several multi-sensory features around it to stimulate touch, vision and hearing.

We found it really useful at this “wobbly” stage, just before Baby was sitting up by herself, as it supported her in sitting position, and cushioned her when she fell back. This meant that us parents had some valuable hands-free time.


Now Baby Squirrel is almost 8 months old, she has been sitting unsupported for some time now, and is getting more and more mobile and active. She has developed an increasing desire to reach and stretch for things outside the Playnest. As a result the Playnest will be going into storage soon.
However, this has been a real lifesaver over the last few months, and I would definitely recommend it to any new parents out there.